The game is available for free on the Google play. We also plan to release the game on other platforms.

In  you can fly several types of drones. First is Shadow.

Game screen

Shadow is a small unmanned aerial vehicle  used  inter alia for reconnaissance and battle damage assessment. In this model you can’t attach missiles or machine guns.

Next drone is Predator.  It is an unmanned aerial vehicle used  by the United States Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).  It can be equipped with missiles and machine guns.

The biggest drone in the game is Reaper.  This drone  can be armed too. Is equipped with a much more powerful engine which allows a flight with a much higher speed.

In we used some sounds from Full list is here.


  • Piotr Marcinkiewicz – Programmer, 3D Artist, Level Design
  • Konrad Dąbek – IT System Administrator
  • Grzegorz Kryskowiak – 2D Artist